Pregnancy symptoms: what should you look out for?

Pregnancy symptoms: what should you look out for?

Some women feel pregnant from the first moment, others only notice after a few months. Not everyone has problems with the well-known pregnancy symptoms. These signs and symptoms may mean that you are pregnant, but it doesn't have to be that way. For example, you may also have a flu among the members and therefore feel sick in the morning

Symptoms, but not pregnant

Did you know that your body can fool you? If you really want to become pregnant, you can get pregnancy symptoms without being pregnant. This is also called sham pregnant . In addition, you can consider some things for symptoms of a pregnancy, while they actually have a different cause. If you have strange, inexplicable complaints, always go to the doctor or do a pregnancy test to be sure otc fertility drugs.

The first pregnancy symptoms

In the first few weeks of pregnancy there are a number of symptoms that you can recognize that you are pregnant. These pregnancy symptoms can occur earlier or later and are very normal. It may even be that some symptoms are noticeable throughout your pregnancy. If you have a regular cycle , the absence of your period is often the first symptom. But your period may also be absent due to illness or stress. There are also other signs that can indicate pregnancy, such as sore breasts, nausea and headache. If you suffer from pregnancy symptoms and you have been sexually active lately, this may indicate a pregnancy.

All first pregnancy symptoms in a row

From the day of conception your body goes through all kinds of changes. The one notices more of it than the other. In addition to all physical changes, many women experience pregnancy symptoms such as emotional showers and  mood swings . If you smoke or drink it is advisable to stop doing so now, as this is harmful to your unborn baby. The first pregnancy symptoms are listed below. Do you suffer from one or more symptoms? Then that can be a sign that you are pregnant, but it doesn't have to be.

Top 10 pregnancy symptoms:

You will not be having your period

Sensitive or swollen breasts

Morning sickness

Unexplained fatigue


Mood swings

You have to pee more often

And bloated feeling

Improved sense of smell


First signal: being overdue

The lack of menstruation is the first indication for many women. But not every woman has a regular cycle or knows exactly when to have her period. If you are pregnant, your period will stop, but you can still lose some blood . This is less than with a normal menstrual period. Being late is one of the most important first symptoms of pregnancy. Being late does not always mean that you are pregnant, it can also have another cause. Your period has everything to do with your ovaries and / or your hormone balance. The moment you do not have your period, ovulation will not take  place and you will be (temporarily) not fertile. Your hormone balance can be disrupted for various reasons, such as: hormonal fluctuations, stress, being underweight or overweight , extreme weight loss, certain medicines (for example antidepressants and anti psychotics), top sport companies, the transition or illness.

Nausea and / or vomiting

An annoying pregnancy symptom: nausea. The well-known morning sickness  can last all day long. Suddenly the smell of fresh coffee can make you sprint to the toilet. You will often suffer from this most famous pregnancy phenomenon 2 to 8 weeks after conception. Some women do not suffer from morning sickness at all, while others have to vomit very often and continue to suffer even during pregnancy.

Unexplained fatigue

No ordinary fatigue . No, you could even sleep while standing! You would actually want to lie on the couch or in bed all day. Because of all the hormonal changes you can suddenly be incredibly tired, not so strange because your body changes enormously. This pregnancy symptom appears as early as the first week and is therefore one of the very first signs of a possible pregnancy. Fatigue alone does not say much of course, because it can also come from stress, depression  or you just have a busy time.

Often have to pee

You have just been and you have to go again. Peeing alone does not hurt like with a bladder infection . That can be a sign of a pregnancy. Because your uterus grows and presses against your bladder you have to go to the toilet more often. Frequent urination is a well-known symptom of pregnancy, which affects all women to a greater or lesser extent.

Sensitive and changing breasts

The pregnancy hormones change your breasts : they become larger. They are also more sensitive and swollen. Your nipples and nipple courts will become larger and darker in color. This pregnancy symptom can occur 1 or 2 weeks after conception. According to many women, this is the first sign that you are pregnant.

Changing skin

Suddenly suffering from pimples and oily skin? You may be pregnant or have a period. A changing skin is in fact one of the pregnancy symptoms. The acne is fortunately never as bad as in puberty. And hey: as a result of your pregnancy, your skin (and hair!) Usually starts to shine more.

More vaginal discharge

You have more vaginal discharge than usual. It does not itch and stink and it is normal in color (whitish). If that is the case, you can have a vaginal infection. Then it is wise to go to the doctor.


You may experience dizziness : you feel light in your head and you often have the feeling that you will faint. This can have various causes, because a lot changes in your body.

Slight bleeding

Sometimes it seems as if you are having your period during your pregnancy. About six to twelve days after conception, the egg nestles in the womb wall. This can cause abdominal cramps and a slight bleeding that is pink or light red in color. This pregnancy symptom is also called the implantation bleeding .


Headache is one of the well-known symptoms of pregnancy, but unfortunately it can also have countless other reasons: fatigue, hunger, nausea, dehydration, tension, but also altered hormones. If you suffer a lot from headaches and if the headache is also more severe than normal, this may indicate a pregnancy. In any case, be careful with aspirins if you think you might be pregnant. If the headache persists, you can go to the doctor. In the first trimester, many women suffer from tension headache . This gives you a pressing or constant dull pain on both sides of your head or the back of your head and neck. Tension headache is usually caused by a caffeine withdrawal or lack of sleep.

Bloated feeling

You have a strange feeling in your lower abdomen, a bloated feeling. Your bowels suddenly work slowly. You suffer from blockage . This can be a pregnancy symptom, but it can also have other reasons. A bloated feeling can be painful and very annoying. It can be caused by hormones or your uterus that presses against your intestines.


It is one of the known pregnancy symptoms: the changing hormones can make you more emotional. Are you suddenly crying? Or suddenly gets very angry? That may be because you are pregnant. Not so strange, when you consider that everything in your body changes. Your partner in particular will have a  hard time due to your mood swings .

Binge eating and strange appetites

If you are pregnant, your eating habits usually change. You suddenly find things tasty that you would not normally eat. For example, some women are very excited about pickles, kilos of oranges or liters of milk. Almost all women experience strange appetites and separate eating combinations during their pregnancy . You can also get huge binge eating.


Itching all over your body to make you crazy! During your pregnancy you may suddenly experience pregnancy itching . The hormones can make your skin extra dry. Itchy rashes can also occur in places where your skin stretches.

Pregnancy symptoms per week

When you have which pregnancy symptoms and ailments differs per person. In fact, it is hard to say which symptoms you are experiencing, every body is different. In our pregnancy calendar you can read about what you can expect per week. In  week 1  and week 2  you are not yet pregnant, as pregnancies are counted from the first day of your last menstrual period. In week 4 you can do a pregnancy test.

The first symptoms of pregnancy (weeks 1-12)

Your pregnancy has just begun, so your body responds differently to what you're used to. From week 6  you probably feel that you are pregnant. You are tired, your breasts are tense and you have to pee often. Some things change rapidly: menstruation stops or is very light, you can implantation bleeding  have, you sick are restless, your breasts swell and are tender, your nipples become darker and larger, you have to urinate more frequently, you can suffer from heartburn, you can be angry, sad or very happy for no reason.

Pregnancy symptoms mid-pregnancy (week 13-26)

By now you have known for a while that you are pregnant. This is also becoming increasingly visible to the outside world. These pregnancy symptoms belong to the middle part of your pregnancy: your weight increases and you become fatter, you feel the first movements of your baby, your breasts get bigger, thin fluid (colostrum) can come out of your nipples, your feet, hands , ankles and face can swell, you can get varicose veins and you can get a so-called maternity mask on your face: your skin gets a little darker here. This disappears again after the pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms during the last weeks (weeks 27-40)

The last mile is the longest. Your child still has to grow a lot these weeks to be born healthy. You may have these pregnancy symptoms during the last few weeks: you can also see your baby move on the outside, your navel may start to come out, you may get back pain due to the weight of your baby and this will make you walk differently practice contractions, you become short of breath